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Celebrate Earth Day Weekend at “OCEAN-EARTH-AIR” Art AND POETRY Exhibition

“Ocean-Earth-Air” is an exhibition with an environmental theme at

the Poway Center for Performing Arts in April

"The Golden Suns of Treasure Island" by Cathy Carey, President of Surfing Madonna Oceans Project and and Juror

Surfing Madonna Oceans Project is celebrating Earth Day weekend with a reception honoring the artists and poets currently on display at the Poway Center for the Performing Arts. “Ocean/Earth/Air” is a juried regional show about our beautiful, fragile and fascinating world with over 100 artists and poets from across California juried in to bring attention to the environment during the month of April 2023. The public is invited to the reception on Sunday, April 23 of Earth Day weekend from 1 - 4PM. Attendees will be treated to poetry readings and two concerts by the locally renown Mission Bay high school band “The Preservationists” who play New Orleans Preservation Hall style jazz. An awards ceremony for the artists and poets will include a special presentation of recognition from the California State Senate who will be presenting certificates of recognition.

The venue is the beautiful Poway Center for the Performing Arts and is free to the public. The sponsors of the event are the California Arts Council and a Community Enhancement Grant promoted by Joel Anderson of District 2 on behalf of surfing Madonna Oceans Project to the San Diego County Supervisors. Artists and poets juried into the show are from Riverside, Orange and Los Angeles counties, and many of the award winners are from San Diego.

Winners in San Diego County Supervisors District One area of Nora Vargas include: First Place in the Art division going to Dirk Harman of Chula Vista and Jeff Bettger & John Henry Bettger awarded First place in the poetry division also from Chula Vista.

Representing the San Diego County Supervisors District Two area of Joel Anderson are Brian Belfield from Rancho Bernardo with a Best Ocean art award and Noel Fishman from Rancho Bernardo receiving an Honorable Mention.

Award recipients in the San Diego County Supervisors District Three of Terra Lawson-Remer are: Julia C R Gray of Cardiff who received Second Place art award. Kathleen Paoni of Encinitas, John Linthurst of Oceanside, Isabelle Verona and Robin Street-Morris both of Rancho Penasquitos and Pamela Ingwers of Point Loma who each received an Honorable Mention. In the Poetry division: Mike Farber of Encinitas received an Honorable Mention.

The San Diego County District Four award recipient is: Carol Shamon awarded an Honorable Mention.

In San Diego County District Five of Supervisor Jim Desmond awards went to: Susan Coppock of Vista received Best Earth Award, and Ira Cosmos also of Vista received Best Air Award. Darina M Baebler of Black Mountain Ranch received a Third Place art award. Lorraine Cote of San Marcos received an Honorable Mention. In the Poetry division Robt O’Sullivan of Escondido received Second Place, Janet Janszen of Black Mountain Ranch received Third Place and Keith Denny of Fallbrook was awarded an Honorable Mention.

Representing Los Angeles County Leon Cain of Pasadena received an Honorable Mention.

Art Exhibit Awards

Dirk Harman, Chula Vista - First Place Award

Brian Belfield, Rancho Bernardo - Best Ocean Award

Susan Coppock, Vista - Best Earth Award

Ira Cosmos, Vista - Best Air Award

Julia C R Gray, Cardiff - Second Place

Darina M Baebler, Black Mountain Ranch - Third Place

Pamela Ingwers, Point Loma - Honorable Mention

Leon Cain, Pasadena - Honorable Mention

Isabelle Verona, Rancho Penasquitos - Honorable Mention

John Linthurst, Oceanside - Honorable Mention

Robin Street-Morris, Rancho Penasquitos - Honorable Mention

Kathleen Paoni, Encinitas - Honorable Mention

Noel Fishman, Rancho Bernardo - Honorable Mention

Lorraine Cote, San Marcos - Honorable Mention

Poetry Awards

Jeff Bettger & John Henry Bettger, Chula Vista- First Place

Robt O’Sullivan, Escondido - Second Place

Janet Janszen, Black Mountain Ranch - Third Place

Mike Farber, Encinitas - Honorable Mention

Carol Shamon, San Diego - Honorable Mention

Keith Denny, Fallbrook - Honorable Mention

The catalog of the show featuring all the award winners in both art and poetry divisions as well as many other participants is available for purchase and viewing through The art show was juried by Cathy Carey, Cheryl Ehlers and Mike Redman. The poetry was juried by Danny Salzhandler, all board members of Surfing Madonna Oceans Project.

For all details visit:

Surfing Madonna Oceans Project wants to spread our message of hope and appreciation for the ocean and support the arts. We believe that creating art and public appreciation of art increases cognitive abilities and eases anxiety and depression in these difficult times. Art can make a difference in the community, and that collective action can greatly impact the world. Surfing Madonna Oceans Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Encinitas, California and was officially formed in 2013 by Robert Nichols and Mark Patterson (artist of the Surfing Madonna mosaic).

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