New Paintings from May!

The month of June has begun and the month of May has passed, and here are the paintings Cathy has painted! You can check these out here, and on Cathy’s other websites. You can also check out some of Cathy’s paintings like “Palm Springs Pool Side (Right)”, “Swami’s Agave”, and “Arizona Jack” are on Display in the Fine Art Section at the San Diego County Fair! “Harley Sunshine – The Sunshine of Your Love” Oil on Linen 20 x 24 $1,300 unframed $1,420 framed “Zorro” Oil on Linen 2

When Paintings are in the Process

Paintings are close to being presented for the month of May, and Cathy is really excited to show you her new ideas. As we’ve shown you, the process of a painting usually starts with some sketches, of a scene, then they are put on a canvas and then painted in! If you’ve never seen the under painting of one of Cathy’s paintings, here it is! This painting is still in the process, this part of the process is called the “underpainting”, it’s where the colors underneath the final p

New Paintings from March!

A lot has been going on at the Art Studio with the Art Show going on, the Del Mar Fair is approaching, and paintings have seemingly been sliding of the easel! We have a lot of artwork to show you! These paintings are from the month of March! “Torrey Pines Overlook” Oil on Linen 24 x 20 $1,300 unframed $1,420 framed “Sonny Napmaster” Oil on Linen 24 x 30 $1,980 unframed $2,150 framed “The Marriage of Light” Oil on Linen 20 x 24 $1,300 unframed $1,420 framed “Chimayo Horses Gol


Cathy has painted so many kinds of Chimayo’s with the hope of spreading the feeling of love and healing that the Chimayo gives her. This month she has just sold her newest one, “Silent Night Chimayo” “Silent Night Chimayo” Oil on Linen 20 x 24 SOLD If you also enjoy the Chimayo’s like we do, you’re probably waiting to see what Cathy does next! Never fear, there plenty of other styles to check out and new paintings being developed every month! Assistant of Cathy Carey, Cass __

Success in Vivid Views!

The Vivid Views Show in New Mexico was a amazing success I’m so thankful for all of the people who attended, and missed those who wanted to attend but couldn’t. Thank you very much Lanna from The Ranch at Taos for making it possible! A big success from the night was that I sold two paintings! “Heavenly Chimayo” and “Love” “Heavenly Chimayo” by Cathy Carey 2015© “Love” by Cathy Carey 2015© If you missed it, no worries! There will be other shows. In December I’ll be holding my

SouthWest Paintings

For the last 15 years I’ve gone to Santa Fe, every summer to teach painting  work shops. While I’m in Santa Fe, I see beautiful things and take pictures, I do Plein Air water colors and drawings in my sketchbooks. I take these pictures to my studio and I use them as my inspiration to create my paintings. I’m inspired mostly by the vibrant colors in the SouthWest and also the wonderful energy I feel when I’m there. Land of Enchantment 18 x 24 oil by Cathy Carey I’m in a galler