A trip to Paso Robles and Big Sur

Recently Cathy has gone out into the big world again and traveled to bring in new inspiration to her artwork and come up with more great ideas for her paintings. This time she went to Paso Robles and Big Sur, while she was there she did plenty of sketches of what she saw from the train. We jut might be seeing some of these images come to life in a painting in the future! This slideshow requires JavaScript. Not only did she do sketches but she took plenty of photos to be inspi

How Artwork and Style Changes

It’s usual for artists to experience the process of a changing art style. It’s a very natural thing and can be dependent on mood and or practice! Sometimes the change is intentional. In Cathy Carey’s artwork we can see that she has had a variation of styles and every time there was a different focus. If you check out her new site: Cathycareygallery.com You can view her different themes. For example, in the past there was a series from Italy. “Hanging Out to Dry” and “Bicycle

Color(s) of the year!

Because Cathy is enthusiastic about the colors she uses in her expressive style, we are here to tell you about what exactly is in style season this year! Cathy uses a variety of vibrant colors that usually have the viewer feel the expression of happiness. If you haven’t checked it out, Pantone has announced that Rose Quartz and Serenity are 2016’s colors! They are expected to become popular in clothing trends and art work. This is a very different direction compared to the co

Cathy’s Sketches

Last week we talked about where Cathy goes to get inspiration for her sketches that eventually turn into her paintings, but what do these sketches really look like? In her most recent trip to Santa Fe she did a whole bunch of sketches on animals and scenery, check it out! This slideshow requires JavaScript. Next time you’re purchasing a painting you can look at these sketches and maybe see some resemblance! The way Cathy does this is she will blind contour something she is lo

Location, Location, Location!

If you’ve ever experienced real estate or taken trips you have realized that an ideal home depends on location and the landscape present. In a lot of Cathy’s paintings she takes trips to find beautiful landscape, sketches them like so; Arizona Landscape Sketch by Cathy Carey She and then pulls the best parts and makes a painting. Some are clear locations like Palm Springs Poolside, and others are based on the feeling you get while visiting! For example, looking at one of the